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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

And the loser is....

For some reason known only in the darkest recesses of my mind, I was excited when El Bicho offered me the opportunity to cover the 2006 Razzie awards. The Razzies have been the anti-Oscars, celebrating the worst in cinema for the last 26 years. Now I have been known to have an affectation for bad movies now and then, but the folks at the Razzies really have taken it to the extreme. This year’s ceremony was held at LA’s famous Ivar Theater on Saturday night…on Oscar Eve. And yours truly was there.

“Top” honors were handed out to the Worst Film of the year “Dirty Love” starring Worst Actress winner Jenny McCarthy, and SNL veteran Rob Schneider took the Worst Actor award for is fine work in “Deuce Bigelo: European Gigolo.”

The show started off with a musical number spoofing RENT’s “Season Of Love” show stopper ensemble piece. “Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes, how do you measure, measure a year”…our female and gay male readers (okay, and breeders like Mil Peliculas who like musicals) would find that one pretty amusing. Deliberately sung off-key at times, it recapped this year’s film fare with some funny results…but frankly, I was ready to go home after that. No surprise guests (like last year’s appearance of Halle Berry to pick up her Razzie) graced the hallowed halls this time around. And not one celebrity was there to offer their writing or comedy skills to warm up the evening. I mean, where was Gary Coleman for crap’s sake? The cast of characters were mainly a bunch of wannabe actors and actresses looking to pad their resumes. Probably the hottest celeb there was the Channel 9 news chick…who stayed as far away from me as possible…bitch.

The press folks were crammed into the balcony and had to look over each other’s shoulders the whole time, and the result is I never really grabbed any photos of anything remotely interesting.

Good thing is I made it home with plenty of time to pop in my DVD of “Valley Girl” that I had rented from Blockbuster Online. Never seen that one before…not bad. Where was I? Oh, yeah, you might want to check the Razzie website for more information. But for my money, bad films, just like good ones, need to stand the test of time. Bad films like “Dirty Love” are bad, but who cares? Now, bad films that are “so bad they are good” are something else entirely. Only after a bad movie has lasted for decades can it truly be worth your time—those are called “anti-classics.” Good for all the wrong reasons. Probably the most famous one being “Plan 9 From Outer Space” -- a heroically entertaining movie because of its egregious ineptitude. Those kinds of films really grow on you because the filmmakers really thought they were making something important, and missed the mark so horribly that it becomes endearing.

We at hope to be able to honor these types of films soon with a film festival dedicated to them…keep reading for more information on that….

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