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Friday, December 23, 2005

Quentin Tarantino Presents


Written and Directed by Eli Roth
Starring Jay Hernandez and Derek Richardson

Well, Eli Roth of Cabin Fever fame has certainly been touting this one as the second coming of the splatter film genre, leaning heavily on the torture angle. I can safely say it ain't all that. But it ain't all that bad either. The story centers around two Americans enjoying themselves abroad...well, a couple broads actually, while travelling through Europe. Strange things begin to happen when they find themselves at one particular Hostel where the availability of hot chicks ready to party seems just a little too good to be true. And it is...but I won't tell you why...just know that there are boltcutters involved. Now, the version I saw still may be cut down, but frankly I am not totally sure which scenes these "audiences" were so shocked about.

Supposedly a man attending my screening had to get up and walk out to the bathroom where he stayed in a chair near the toilet in case he threw up. What a puss. I am a seasoned horror fan from the early days, coming up with some of the originals like Friday 13th, Texas Chainsaw Massacre--and frankly I wasn't all that shocked. But it is more of a return to that style than the recent crop of watered-down wannabes like House of Wax or Even Saw for that matter. Roth shared, during the Q&A session afterward, that he had an alternate ending in mind. Now let me tell you, this ending truly would have been ballsey and edgy, and I frankly would have liked it better. You can hear all about it if you download the podcast that Creative Screenwriting will be making available when the movie is released.

Roth seems quite taken with himself, but he was entertaining nonetheless. He does truly love the genre and I say more power to him, and hats off to the man for bringing back true gratuitous nudity to the horror film. As a writer, he does at least try to start off slowly, setting up the story with patience, letting us get to know the characters for a while, problem for me was the writing, and acting for that matter, just wasn't all that good, so the characters ranged from uninteresting to annoying. I remember thinking, "Man I can't wait to see this jackass get killed." Only to come to the horrifying realization that he was the hero. So there was not much tension for me, but if you are looking for some good effects and some cleverly bloody predicaments, then this one might give you your ten bucks worth...but, trust me, that alternate ending...hmm...