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Saturday, March 06, 2004


Starring...bla bla bla...etc....etc...
Directed By McG. (no relation to the new McGriddle from McDonald's)
"Review" by Mil Peliculas

What can you say about this kind of movie? Apparently there's a big split. Half of you dig it, half of you hate it. For those of you who hated this movie, what the hell is your problem? It's just kidding. Full Throttle is played strictly for laughs, playing more like a spoof of an action movie than an actual action movie. Right from the gitgo, this movie makes no pretense that you are going to see anything that remotely resembles reality. It won me over during the crime scene investigation where Drew Barrymore discerns, from a shoe print, that it was a 1989 Air Jordan limited edition, and that from the weight distribution, it's wearer had knee surgery. Come on, that's funny, and I went with it. Problem is, it's really just like the first movie, amusing, but not much else.

Seems Hollywood has started to view sequels as simply another installment, akin to a sitcom or something. Well, that ain't how this snob views them. Come to think of it, I am not sure what I expect from a sequel. I guess I want to see characters evolving, new twists, a fresh take, a variation on a theme. You won't get that with Full Throttle, what you will get are a bunch of outrageous CGI-assisted stunts, some pretty funny gags, and loads of T&A for the boys. Other than that, I feel a plot summary is really not necessary, since the viewer is likely to forget it before he's left the parking lot. Actually, I think that is what happened to me. Something about Demi Moore as an ex-Angel gone bad, she's looking for the valuable whatchamacallit that the Angels want to get back from her, yadda yadda yadda. You get the idea. Demi Moore is looking fantastic, but perhaps a little too thin. Demi. Eat something.

If you live near Hollywood, and want to catch this one, I suggest seeing it at the Chinese. The climax of the film takes place on Hollywood Blvd, right in front of the Chinese theater. It's always fun watching a movie that features the theater you are watching it in.

Don't expect this one to be nominated for anything other than "Best panty crotch-shot" at the MTV movie awards.

Once again, Mil's famous closing words: You could do worse.