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Saturday, October 16, 2004


Directed by Trey Parker
Written by Trey Parker, Matt Stone, and Pam Brady
Featuring their voices and the voice of LA Radio phenom Phil Hendrie

Review by Mil Peliculas
Rating: "A"

When the highly trained, highly equipped, elite, special para-military unit TEAM AMERICA finds out that Islamic terrorists have suitcase bombs that they plan to use around the world, they snap into action. But they'll need help. They'll need a new type of super-soldier. They'll need one with extraordinary skills enabling him to infiltrate terror cells and work from inside this insidious ring of murderous barbarians--they'll need...AN ACTOR!

Hunky stage performer Gary Johnston is approached after his latest performance of "LEASE" which features the show-stopper "Everyone Has AIDS," by the mysterious Mr. Spotswood. Spotswood is the head of Team America, who take it upon themselves to police the world. Gary has doubts at first, "Why should I fight terrorism?" He asks. "Because you have the power to fight it," is the answer; and it's good enough for Gary, plus some of the girls are hot. Gary agrees to help. Thus begins the best action film of the year. It's Trey Parker and Matt Stone's "Team America World Police." And it's as funny as you thought it would be...if you thought it would be.

Kim Jong Il is the Bond-styled supervillan bent on destroying the world with the help of some Chechnian terrorists and Hollywood's Elite: Sean Penn, Tim Robbins (who looks more like Elton John or Peter Bogdonavich, but okay), Matt Damon, Live Tyler, and the usual suspects. Alec Baldwin appears as the president of the Film Actors' Guild or "F.A.G. " and leads the actors as they unwittingly assist Kim Jong Il with his dastardly purpose.

Let me state categorically that this film is not for children, unless yor aim is to scar them for life and perhaps enrich the bank accounts of therapists across the country. It's for older teenagers or adults. It's gorey, potty-mouthed and features a nearly pornographic sex scene which was even trimmed a bit to rescue the film from its NC-17 rating and get it to an "R." Can't wait for the DVD on that one.

So it's NOT for kids, but what it IS, is a brilliant and hilarious spoof of action films, sometimes delving adeptly into supremely irreverent but thought-provoking political satire. It's nasty and sarcastic and sure to get its filmmakers scratched off all the Hollywood party lists. I say, if you're going to make political statements, this is the way to do it--in a wacky comedy. No one gets hurt (all that much) and your point often is more clearly seen. I love when filmmakers are praised for "speaking the truth" and "taking on the establishment " when that usually means siding with the rest of Hollywood against organized religion, Corporate America, and whoever the Republican president is. Whatever your political bent is, you must admit that Stone and Parker have more guts than their counterparts to go against "their own" as they are with this film.

Once again, as with their previous film, songs play a big part in garnering laughs. One song echoes the thoughts of all of us Masked Movie Snobs in properly dissing Michael Bay, scourge of Hollywood (someone let us know if they see Parker or Stone sporting one of our Masked Movie Snobs G-strings). But my favorite is the Team America theme, which reminded me of the action-packed toy commercials of my youth: G.I. Joe, Big Jim, and later, Transformers, etc. This one features the familiar generic rock music and the gutteral chanting of "America! Fuck yeah!" warms my heart...

Mil Peliculas

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