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Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Somehow I let the girlfriend talk me into going to see a midnight screening of Mallrats at the Nuart theater in L.A. I'm not a huge fan of Kevin Smith, he's talented, and he seems like a nice guy, but I don't think he'll ever make anything better than Clerks, which was pretty damned funny. This is not really a review of Mallrats, although the film was slightly more enjoyable than it was the first time I saw it back in 95 or whenever it came out. It's a corny, sappy little film that should really not have been made, I mean it almost killed the guy's career. He had to make Chasing Amy for 250 thousand dollars just to get back into the studio's graces after losing about 4 million with Mallrats.

The thing about the evening was the fact that it was a sell-out at midnight, and that these young folks that showed up sort of look at Kevin Smith like he's Woody Allen or something. I thought, damn, that's kind of pathetic. I mean, Woody Allen has made some stinkers, but only a handful out of the nearly 40 movies he's written and/or directed, and for these bozos to shower such adulation on the guy was quite bizarre.

So the movie starts late, at about 1230, 1245, then I gotta sit through that-then after the credits roll, the fun begins, Kevin Smith is there, and proceeds to take a Q&A session for the next 2 hours. My girlfriend was in hog-heaven, I am slumped all over the seat trying to get some shut-eye. But Kevin is a funny guy, no doubt about it, we listened to some insider stories about his house flooding, and where Ben Affleck banged some famous actresses in his house before Kevin bought the place from him. Found out that Kevin recently finished his first draft of Fletch, which came out to about 200 pages. Obviously that will need some trimming. Yes, Kevin was amusing, I'm not sure if he was 4:30 in the morning amusing, but hey, give the guy props for standing there until the last slack-jawed idiot asked his dumb question.

The guy really gives back to his fans-and that is cool.

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