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Sunday, November 30, 2003

Ahoy, snobfans! You may have noticed that I, Mil Peliculas, have not posted many reviews lately. Truth is, I've seen plenty of films, but haven't bothered to sit down to write any thoughtful comments about them. Let me do a wrap-up of my viewings of late...

Master and Commander - damn good, will be surprised if it's not nominated for Best Picture. Looney Tunes Movie - sucked, but didn't suck quite as much as I thought it would, that said, I'd stay away if I were you. Love Actually - fantastic, all the jokes seem to work in this one, ensemble cast works marvelously. Elf - momentarily sweet, mostly a waste of time, extremely okay. Matrix Revolutions - not bad, makes me wonder why they bothered making the second one though, still full of good ideas but awful dialog and no character moments to speak of, one of the major characters has a poignant death scene that is laughably bad.

Looking forward to Last Samurai and of course, the reason to live through the next month: Return of the King. Mil out.